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Most anglers know that the key to a good day of fishing is using the right lure. But what are the best lures for asp, and how do they work? In this article, we'll answer those questions and more, so you can hit the water with confidence and put more fish in the boat.

Every fisherman wants to catch a really weighty and rare trophy, and in this he can be helped by a spinner for asp, the selection of which many beginners do not pay close attention to. But the luck of fishing when hunting for this strong and cautious fish of the carp family depends on the bait for asp.

Catching this predator is a real pleasure for professionals and experienced fishermen, but why is the right lure for asp so important and what mistakes do inexperienced fishermen often make when catching a “river pirate” when choosing equipment for it ?

What are the best lures for Asp?

As such, the best bait for asp does not exist, the fish can peck at both top melt and bleak, depending on the region and the characteristics of water bodies, and the range of artificial asp baits that are used in sports to catch it will allow your imagination to unfold in full force. But most often, the winners of the competition can see the castmaster model lure, produced by the world-famous Acme Trackle company.

Also among the popular asp spinners often glow:

  1. Spinners with three edges are convenient for catching with a spinning rod from a boat.
  2. Streamers and jigs, which are not very common in our country.
  3. Various lures and spinners are popular for hunting many predators.
  4. Jig baits with leashes. They lure asps with smooth movements, imitating the behavior of their prey, but twisters, on the contrary, can frighten away the entire catch.
  5. A variety of wobblers, including homemade ones.

But most often, it is the oscillating castmaster that is used as a spinner for catching asp, the prototype of which was the equally well-known equipment from an American company. "Eda Spit" was not as catchy as our protagonist, and catching asps on such a lure remained fruitless for many years, until Art Lavalle, a famous jeweler and fisherman, became interested in it in the 50s of the last century.

Having sharpened the tackle and changed the angles at which it attacked, he created one of the best spinners for asp, which became known to the whole world under the name “castmaster”, which literally translates as “casting master”.

Initially, these rigs were used for ocean fishing, but they were not very catchy for marine predators.


Today, these super-popular baubles for asp are produced by many companies, although they call them a little differently, but oblique saw cuts in metal rods with an oval section always remain a distinctive feature.

Depending on the alloys used and the angles of attack, subspecies of this equipment are already classified, and you should experiment with them yourself to determine the most suitable for your specific fishing conditions and reservoir. But do not buy into the colors of the tackle, depending on which the price can vary up to several hundred rubles.

[caption id="attachment_1744" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Castmaster Castmaster[/caption]

Fish pay attention only to the reflections of well-polished metal in the light, and the catchability rating of baits by color is nothing more than a marketing ploy. Initially, the kostmaster depicts wounded fry, which, descending to the depth from the upper layers of the reservoir, attract asps. Many have begun to produce costmasters on their own, because a home-made spinner allows you to change the characteristics and angles of attack to suit your preferences. But the tackle found particular popularity for its range.

Due to its shape, it easily slides through the water using surface tension, and thus mimics the behavior of common asp food. Professionals with the help of expensive spinning rods are able to send equipment for a hundred meters.

However, not everyone manages to make an analogue of this bait with their own hands, because this requires experience in metal processing and jewelry, so experienced fishermen proudly call the works of beginners “nightmare”. If you don’t have money for original tackle, then you can always look for analogues from Chinese and Polish manufacturers, but you need to be careful, because a poor-quality fake will only complicate the capture of asp in the summer and give you a lot of headaches. Therefore, only people who understand how this or that notch on the tackle will affect its aerodynamics, and who are well versed in the types of alloys, should “experiment” like this.

Castmasters are also well suited for asp fishing in the spring, and their weight, depending on the model, may vary:

[caption id="attachment_1745" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Asp Castmasters Models Asp Castmasters Models[/caption]

  • The smallest and lightest - 3 grams, but you won’t catch trophy fish on them, they are popularly called “bullets”;
  • Medium in size and weight - up to 15 grams, suitable for most reservoirs and well suited for winter and summer fishing, when the asp does not want to hunt big fish, the people are called "diamond";
  • The largest ones - from 15 grams, are used only during the post-spawning period and the last months of autumn, when asps hunt the largest prey, they are good for heavy jibing.

You should not rely on any one variety, and it is best to buy the entire line in order to always be fully armed, because sometimes a predator can jump on the “five” itself, and it will be one of the best solutions, and the next day to catch at least something you have to use baits from 10 grams in weight. Therefore, the weight of spinners can often be determined only when you are already directly on the pond and it is better to have backup options with you than to sit all day without a bite.

When moving the castmaster, try not to make sharp jerks that are typical for twitching wiring, and all other fishing shortcomings will be smoothed out by the soft top of the tackle.

Trihedral baubles

Another popular bait among the people, which they prefer to catch asp with, has become a trihedral lure, which is often made independently by experienced fishermen, because there is nothing complicated in its creation.

As materials, it is preferable to use alloys of brass and copper or pure bronze, sometimes stainless steel is also taken as an exception, due to its unique characteristics, the spinner lives longer and attracts more predators.

Make a trihedral as follows:

  1. First, the necessary blanks are cut out of sheet metal.
  2. Then, molten lead is poured into the resulting product as a weighting agent.

This tackle has several cuts with different angles. A trihedral lure is attached to the fishing line with a blunt cut, and the sharp end is used for a tee, after attaching a winding ring to it. Fishing with a trihedron can bring you an unexpected catch in the form of pike or zander instead of asp if you choose the wrong body of water. This tackle is used only together with spinning, however, more experienced fishermen can use it to perform sheer lure from a boat and even for ice fishing.

Due to the lead core, the triangular weight starts from 15 grams and varies depending on the size of the fish you are counting on. But a large mass also gives them more inertial energy, which allows them to cast such a bait further than their counterparts.

Spinners and Devons

Much less often, spinning and oscillating lures are used to catch asp, although this is also a good bait that can even bring trophy prey. But it is worth choosing the most massive specimens that allow you to make long casts, especially if you are fishing from the shore.

[caption id="attachment_1746" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Spinners and Devons Spinners and Devons[/caption]

The most popular among the "river pirate" turntables with long petals in the form of a "willow leaf" and heavy cores made of lead or various alloys. These models allow you to fish calmly even against the current in fast waters, and also easily cast over record distances, even when paired with not the best quality spinning rods.

But in terms of catchability, in most cases, they lose to such spinners as castmaster and triangular.

But the Devons, with decent fishing skills, will be able to surprise you.


  • Round Devons.
  • Flat.
  • Faceted.

But one distinguishing feature they have in common is the propeller, which improves the aerodynamics and behavior of the bait in a body of water with a strong current.

Propellers can be either separate, attached to the body and rotating along a certain axis, and the Devon's body itself can also serve as a propeller, depending on the type of bait. The rotation of the bait, which begins at the very beginning of the movement, not only increases the efficiency of the wiring and the casting distance, but also makes it easier to attract asp almost ten times.

Initially, this tackle was used to catch salmon, but thanks to the noticed catchability for asps, it begins to increase its position as the best tackle for this predator, gradually catching up even with the castmaster.


The Asp is a predatory fish that is found in fresh and brackish water across Europe. It is a member of the pike family, and is closely related to the northern pike and the muskellunge.

The Asp is a popular game fish, and is sought after by anglers for its fighting ability and tasty flesh. The Asp is a popular game fish that is sought after by anglers for its fighting ability and tasty flesh.