How to Fish a Swimbait for Big Bass - Tips and Tricks


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Welcome to our blog on how to fish a swimbait for big bass! In this article, we will be sharing tips and tricks for catching big bass using swimbaits. We will cover the gear you will need, different fishing techniques, and how to choose the right swimbait for the job.

So, whether you are an experienced angler looking to improve your success or a beginner just getting started, there is something for everyone in this article. So, let's dive in and learn how to fish a swimbait for big bass!

Swimbait for Big Bass: Bait

One of the coolest ones is a river to see waver and what's unique about this bait here we give you some tips on how to fish it properly what's unique is that it has one joint a lot of the swim baits out there right now have multiple joint set up two or three joints but having that one joint in this s waver gives that bait a very unique action, about it's a very slow wandering action okay so is this baits going through the water it's doing bigger s turns okay something very unique.

Live Bait for Big Bass

Bait is a substance used to lure fish or other animals so that they can be caught. It is used in both fresh and salt water. Bait can be live, such as worms, or it can be artificial, such as lures.

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In general, bait is placed on or near a hook, which is then cast into the water. The bait attracts the attention of the fish, who then strike at the hook, thereby becoming caught. Bait is also used in traps, such as mouse traps and crab traps.

There are several different types of bait, which are chosen based on the type of fish being pursued.

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Common types of bait include worms, minnows, and crickets. Some fishermen use artificial lures that mimic the appearance and/or scent of bait fish. The use of bait is a centuries-old practice that continues to this day. It is an effective way to catch fish, and it can be both fun and challenging.

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Again a bait that has either no joint at all just to tail the moves or multiple jointed baits doesn't have as much wide action that's why they call this the S waver this thing wanders left and right.

Swimbait for Big Bass Gear you need

To fish a swimbait for big bass, you will need the following gear:

  1. A fishing rod: A rod with fast action and a strong backbone is ideal for casting and setting the hook on big bass. A rod with a longer handle can also provide more leverage when fighting a big fish.
  2. A baitcasting reel: A baitcasting reel is a good choice for fishing swimbaits, as it allows for better control and precision when casting. A reel with a high gear ratio is also helpful for quickly retrieving the swimbait.
  3. Braided line: Braided line is strong and abrasion-resistant, making it a good choice for fishing swimbaits. It also has a smaller diameter, which allows for longer casts.
  4. A swimbait: Select a swimbait that is appropriate for the size and species of fish you are targeting. Larger swimbaits are often used for targeting big bass, as they can mimic the size and appearance of the bass's natural prey.
  5. A leader: A leader is a length of line that is attached to the main line and is used to present the bait to the fish. A leader with a high breaking strength is important when targeting big bass, as they can put up a strong fight.

Swimbait for Big Bass: Fishing Line

Let me give you some tips on how to rig it up number one I like to throw it on a fluorocarbon line I like to throw it on 15-pound fluorocarbon - 17-pound fluorocarbon on my smaller baits you get up here in this little bit bigger size I'm going to throw 20 - 25 depending on where I'm fishing and what I'm doing and occasionally if I want to keep this bait up a little higher the water column.

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I'll throw four monofilament floats so you put on say 20-25 pound monofilament on this bait here and this bait will s waver on the surface or near the surface. If you want to get that bait down where your slow roll it s s waving it underneath the dock or around a submerged get that bait down and put it on fluorocarbon.

I very seldom throat on braid braids not a good idea for these types of swim baits. I'll just reel that bait along steadily retrieved and again let that bait do the action.

Swimbait for Big Bass: Rod

Rods are simple, and you'll want to throw them on long rods; this is a seven-and-a-half-foot Okuma rod, and the bigger sticks have a lot of action. A seven-and-a-half-foot rod might be a medium heavy on your smaller ones, so if you want to make some longer casts, you know.

If I'm fishing around docks like I do a lot of times with this, go a little bit shorter of a rod so you can get a little bit more accuracy out of it.

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I go cast the bait out and get really comfortable with its fall rate. Cast the bait out and count to ten to see how far it sucked down, and then on a slow, steady retrieve back to the boat, see what level and depth it's staying at because as you start from locating fish on your graph and locating fish out in the water column, you can get that bait down there to them properly at the right depth, so roll it back through the school and you'll catch the fish.

Swimbait for Big Bass Fishing techniques

Here are some techniques for fishing a swimbait for big bass:

Slow retrieve:

A slow, steady retrieve can be effective for fishing a swimbait for big bass. This technique involves slowly reeling in the swimbait, allowing it to swim through the water naturally. This technique is particularly effective when fishing in clear water, as it allows the bass to see the swimbait more clearly.

Pause it and just give a twitch to the rod and what will happen is you practice this that bait will spin around so as that bait was s wavering down the side of the dock it gets to the end of the dock and you give it one sharp twitch with a lot of slack in your line in a turnaround and that is deadly sometimes it was big bass or landing of this floating docks seize that bait swimming along swim along their eyeball and I'm on it stops and turns around and they'll come after and get it that's a way to get a reaction strike with these to swim baits so it works out great.

Jerk and pause:

The jerk and pause technique involves quickly jerking the rod to create a "stop and go" motion with the swimbait. This can be effective at triggering a bite from big bass, as it mimics the movement of a wounded baitfish.

Vary the retrieve speed:

Varying the retrieve speed can also be effective when fishing a swimbait for big bass. This involves speeding up and slowing down the retrieve to create a more natural swimming motion with the swimbait.

Fish around structure:

Big bass often hides in underwater structures, such as weeds, logs, and rocks. Fishing a swimbait around this type of structure can be effective at attracting and catching big bass.

Use a trailer:

A trailer is an additional piece of bait that is attached to the swimbait. Using a trailer can add bulk to the swimbait and create a more lifelike appearance, which can be effective at attracting big bass.

Swimbait for Big Bass Summer Fishing Tips

Summer is the perfect time to go fishing for big bass. Swimbait is one of the best lures to use for this purpose. Here are some tips and tricks on how to fish a swimbait for big bass:

1. Use a swimbait that is 3-5 inches long.

2. Use a jig head that is 1/2 ounce or heavier.

3. Cast your swimbait out and let it sink to the bottom.

4. Use a slow, steady retrieve.

5. Stop and let the swimbait sit motionless on the bottom for a few seconds now and then.

With these tips, you'll be sure to catch a big bass this summer!


After reading the text, it can be concluded that swimbaits are a great way to catch big bass.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using them. First, it is important to use the right size swimbait for the fish you are trying to catch. Second, it is important to fish the swimbait slowly and steadily to give the fish time to take it in. Finally, it is important to be patient when using a swimbait and to not set the hook too early.