How to pick the BEST Waterproof suit for fishing


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Fishing is a great activity for people of all ages and levels of experience. Whether you are just getting started or you are a seasoned pro, there is always something new to learn. One of the most important things to consider when fishing is what kind of gear you will need. One essential piece of gear is a good waterproof suit. There are many different types and brands of waterproof suits on the market, so how do you know which one is the best for you? Here are a few things to consider when choosing a waterproof suit for fishing: -The material: Waterproof suits are usually made from either neoprene or rubber. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is lightweight and flexible. It is a good choice for people who are active in the water and need a suit that will move with them. Rubber is a heavier material that is more durable and offers more protection from the elements. It is a good choice for people who fish in colder climates or who fish in rough waters. -The fit: Waterproof suits come in a variety of sizes and styles. It is important to find a suit that fits you well and is comfortable to wear. If you are going to be active in the water, make sure the suit allows you to move freely. If you are fishing in colder climates, make sure the suit is not too tight so you can layer clothing underneath. -The features: Waterproof suits can have a variety of features, such as zippers, pockets, and hoods. Consider what features you need and look for a suit that has them. -The price: Waterproof suits can range in price from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand. It is important to find a suit that fits your budget and offers the features you need. No matter what your budget is or what features you need, there is a waterproof suit out there that is perfect for you. With a little research, you can find the best waterproof suit for fishing.

How to pick the BEST Waterproof suit for fishing ? A waterproof, breathable fishing suit is the most suitable option for fishing in any weather. Specialty stores have a huge variety of costumes. The range includes overalls, semi-overalls with jackets or parkas and padded insulation. All kits have advantages and disadvantages, so the choice of fishing clothes is one of the important activities for a fishing enthusiast.

Types of fishing suits

Fishing uniforms directly depend on weather conditions and seasons.

Therefore, any costume can be divided into several types:

  1. Summer option. Clothes are sewn mainly from membrane fabric. Due to this fabric, clothes become waterproof, it is comfortable to wear in hot weather. Summer fishing clothes weigh less than usual, which allows the fisherman to move around without constraint and not carry extra pounds.
  2. Demi-season option. Great for fishing in autumn and spring. A thin layer of insulation is sewn inside, allowing the fisherman to feel comfortable on cool autumn and spring days. A waterproof suit in the autumn-spring periods will save you from rain. In some versions, you can find a windproof film that protects against cold winds.
  3. Winter option. These suits are aimed at protecting the health of the fisherman and keeping them warm in the winter. Winter fishing clothes are comfortable and practical to wear. It has zero buoyancy. If a fisherman gets into an emergency on the water, the winter suit will not pull the wearer to the bottom of the pond.
  4. Breathable waterproof options. Kits are made from a membrane that allows the body to breathe and stay dry, as well as eliminate sweat from the inside of the clothes and prevent water from passing through from the outside. Such a suit can act as thermal underwear. If the air temperature is low, and the fisherman is actively moving, then clothing retains body heat.

A lover of fishing can spend fishing all year round, so you should buy a kit based on seasonality: summer, winter or demi-season. The suit must be breathable and waterproof.

What should be included in a set of fishing clothes

When choosing gear, it's best to avoid buying T-shirts, pants, hats, hooded jackets, and vests with multiple pockets.

Fishing kits should include the following clothing options:

  • A jumpsuit is a fishing suit that, in addition to the legs, also covers the chest and back. This type of clothing can be used while fishing in heavy weeds. The body in overalls is protected from cold and heat. The minus of the set is the restriction of movements and the reduction of the possibility of the necessary change of the top of the suit;
  • Semi-overalls is a set that has a closed back and connecting elements in the form of suspenders in front, to which pants are attached. In this option, it becomes possible to easily change the upper part of the clothing if necessary;
  • Jacket. Corresponds to the season.

A set of fishing clothing must consist exclusively of overalls and jackets. This option is considered the most convenient for catching fish.

Components of fishing equipment.

The suit should be comfortable and functional.

When choosing a kit, the following criteria must be taken into account:

  • How the costume is sewn and what details it has;
  • What color is the kit and are there any reflectors;
  • What material is the fishing gear made of ?

Quality, material, color are the main components of a good suit.

Proper tailoring and comfortable details

The quality of a suit can be determined based on its tailoring and details, pockets, valves, which are waterproof.

According to these criteria, you can choose the highest quality kit for fishing and even hunting:

  1. Seams must be taped and not cracked.
  2. It is best to choose clothes with wide legs. They will not restrict movement.
  3. It is advisable to choose an option in which pockets and straps will not stick out. A fishing line is hooked on protruding parts.
  4. The length of the sleeve should reach the middle of the fingers.
  5. Elastic bands on the sleeves should not overtighten the hands.
  6. It is best to give preference to an anatomical cut suit. Such clothes are considered more comfortable.
  7. The equipment must be durable. Fishing enthusiasts are often exposed to mechanical stress, so only a high-quality suit is needed.
  8. Waterproof clothing should be comfortable. Any fisherman should have a fishing tackle at hand. Therefore, functional pockets, zippers with a waterproof effect, fasteners and other fasteners are welcome.
  9. It is good if the back of the trousers and the knee area are complemented by a dense fabric. Such a suit is characterized by high wear resistance.
  10. An additional fastener at the bottom of the trousers makes it easy to put on and take off the boots.
  11. It is best to choose a jacket with a hood, and its fabric should be water-repellent.
  12. If the hood of the jacket is made of double fabric and has a hard visor, this will prevent the fisherman from getting wet during the rain.
  13. Elbow pads made of dense material will extend the life of the jacket.

It is important for a fisherman to have a comfortable and functional suit. Finished seams, waterproof effect zippers, zippers, double hoods, thick fabric at the knees and back are all hallmarks of comfortable fishing gear.

Suit color and reflectors

Be sure to take into account the color and the presence of reflective elements on fishing clothing.

There are two options to choose from:

  • More vibrant color. In emergencies, the fisherman can be more quickly located and assisted.
  • Khaki color (gray green, brownish green). Perfect for summer time.

You should not choose black suits in the summer, as dark shades do not reflect ultraviolet rays and this set will be hot.

The safety of the fisherman also depends on the color. A bright option will help you quickly find a person and help. And the khaki color will help to remain invisible to prey.

Fishing kit material

Every fisherman should have a waterproof, breathable fishing suit. The basis of quality is the material from which the kit is sewn. In hot weather, profuse sweating will cause suits made of synthetic fabric. The moisture on them dries out quickly enough. But cotton options help the body breathe, but when wet they dry for a long time.

The most popular and high-quality materials are membrane and mixed fabrics:

  1. Blended fabric. The material is 60% polyester and 40% cotton. Synthetic material will not give quick wear, and natural material will make the sock even more comfortable.
  2. Membrane fabric. The most popular type of material among fishermen. The material itself consists of cotton and synthetics, the wrong side is covered with a rubberized coating. Things made of such material have a water-repellent effect (resistance from 2000 to 8000 mm), and the sweat secreted by the body is removed to the outside. There are two types of membranes: porous and non-porous. Pore ​​cells consist of micropores, the size of which is smaller than a water molecule and larger than a vapor molecule. The kits "breathe" and do not allow water to penetrate inside. The disadvantage of this material is the rapid clogging of pores with improper care. In order for the suit to last longer, proper and thorough care is necessary. A suit made of pore-free membranes is able to bring the wearer's sweat out. Membrane kits have a long service life. Wash them only in the washing machine.

The suit should be chosen from a fabric that has synthetic and cotton fibers. Synthetics will keep the kit intact for a long time, and the body of the fisherman will breathe due to the natural material.

The most popular among all manufacturers of clothing for fishermen are Norfin, Envision, Chaika, ExtremeFishing:

  1. The firm creates excellent kits that can be worn in temperatures from -30 to -40 degrees in motion and from -20 to -30 degrees at rest. Winter options weigh four kilograms. Due to the lightness of the suit, it is comfortable to wear, the movements in them are not constrained.
  2. A company that produces high-quality demi-season fishing clothes. Develops models of suits for any type of person and for different fishing conditions. Basically, the sets of this company consist of a jacket and pants. Many models do not have a rustling effect, which allows the fisherman to avoid making unnecessary sounds while driving. The seams are taped and the zippers are waterproof. Coloring - 3D camouflage. The bottom of jackets is equipped with clamps. All Norfin kits are waterproof and breathable.
  3. Many models are made for active fishing. More expensive suits are highly buoyant due to the Crossflow material. These suits have everything you need for a fisherman: a warm lining, tight seams, protected pockets, a waterproof zipper, reflective elements on the sleeves, a detachable hood and a fleece collar.
  4. ExtremeFishing, a domestic company that sews high-quality kits for fishing and hunting. The answer to high-quality models of foreign companies was the ZubZero model, which is able to withstand cold down to -30 degrees. The clothes are equipped with locks designed to attach a life jacket. The jacket has a lining that makes the suit easier. The price of such a suit is much less than similar options from imported manufacturers.
  5. A Japanese manufacturer that creates jacket and pants sets that make fishing and hunting fun. They differ in ease. The material used for tailoring is a simple membrane fabric. In such suits it is impossible to get wet in the rain, some options have a mesh lining. Summer options can protect the fisherman from insects. The sleeves and bottom of the pants are equipped with buttons that allow you to adjust the degree of freedom of movement of the arms and legs.
  6. Artinus is a Korean company that sells fishing equipment. In tailoring all the suits of this company, the highest quality material is used - a three-layer membrane. Japanese fittings are added to the material, high rates of water impermeability (up to 15000 mm) and steam removal (up to 15000 g/m2/24 hours). A Teflon coating is applied over the membrane, which will not allow the wearer to get wet.
  7. For fishermen, this company offers a huge range of summer and demi-season clothing. The company is engaged in sewing high-quality polyester clothing with a water-repellent coating and breathable properties. Suits are equipped with convenient pockets, protected by waterproof flaps. Ventilation valves can be found in the armpit. All seams of the sets are treated with heat shrink tape.
  8. This company makes excellent kits for fishing. Their suits are made of polyurethane, which significantly increases the service life.
  9. Gull. A company that sews budget membrane suits. Perfect for wearing in autumn and spring. The seams of any set are taped, reflective elements are added on the jacket, which allow you to see the fisherman on the pond. The service life of Chaika sets will be less than that of foreign suits. The kits of this company are ideal for beginner anglers.
  10. Excellent foreign suits, which are made of high-strength material - Oxford polyester. Water resistance of any options can reach 10,000 mm. Any suit has protection from wind and rain, and also has the ability to "breathe". Almost all kits have buckle straps, double wide pockets, reflective sleeves, warm fleece-lined pockets. In the suit of this company, the fisherman will feel comfortable, and his movements will not be constrained.

Any company provides a huge range of fishing clothing. In the arsenal, manufacturers have things for summer, winter and autumn-spring fishing. You can choose the most suitable option, but you should look at the quality of the overalls.

A quality version will last much longer, and fishing in such a suit will bring much more pleasure.

When choosing fishing clothes, you need to rely on the quality of tailoring, material, color and other details necessary for the fisherman. At any time of the year, it is better to choose a waterproof suit, have wind protection, be light and not restrict the wearer's movement. The most popular foreign and domestic companies monitor the quality of supplied fishing clothes, so you should pay attention to one of the options for companies that are in great demand. Having bought a high-quality suit that meets all the requirements, fishing will be even more pleasant.


Assuming you are looking for a waterproof suit for fishing, the best suit would be one that is comfortable, keeps you warm, and is durable. Neoprene is a good option for a fishing wetsuit as it is stretchy, waterproof, and provides a good degree of insulation.