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TheBest Reel for carp fishing is designed to handle the large line capacities and heavy weights associated with carp fishing.

Of course, there are no special reels, and the term carp reels appeared in connection with the craze of carp fishing enthusiasts, that is, the study of all the subtleties and secrets of carp behavior. We are talking about which of the designs of reels most fully meet the requirements of reliability, convenience, and fitness for playing this large omnivorous inhabitant of the reservoir. Several options for inductors claiming a nominal name will be considered.

Best Reel for carp fishing: Habits of carp

[caption id="attachment_2631" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Best Reel for carp fishing: Habits of carp Best Reel for carp fishing: Habits of carp[/caption]

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Carp is a cultivated carp and has several varieties: naked or leathery, scaly, and mirror. It feeds on both animal and plant foods. Spawning always takes place in the spring, and at the end of it, they begin to catch. For fishing, they choose places with thickets of algae and the bottom part of reservoirs, the deepest pits. Or islands with shores overgrown with grass in the coastal strip, where carp like to feed.

The bite is different: sometimes he pulls so hard that he breaks the rod into the lake, but more often, especially in the heat, he takes it carefully - the float first lies down, and only then it sinks. Here it is important to cut in time: it should be sharp and short.

When playing carp, one should adhere to generally accepted provisions:

  • All throws and jerks of the fish, aimed at getting off the hook, counter the constant tension of the fishing line and the bend of the rod;
  • Quickly choose the resulting slack to bring the trophy closer to the shore in an area accessible to the net;
  • Do not allow the line to wrap around the caught carp - the sharp teeth of the dorsal fin can initiate its break.

When going fishing, you should always count on the fact that it will be successful and that a large and powerful specimen will come across.

And you need to be ready for such an event: the tackle is equipped with a steel leader, a fishing line with a diameter of at least 0.7 mm, and the Best Reel for carp fishing must hold about 100 meters of line, have a strong friction brake, and be inertialess to ensure trouble-free long casting. It’s good if the reel is equipped with a bait runner - a fishing line bleed mechanism (it can be turned on and off with a lever).

Design features of reels about carp fishing

[caption id="attachment_2632" align="aligncenter" width="300"]![Design features of reels in relation to carp fishing](images/Design-features-of-reels-in-relation-to-carp-fishing-300x271.jpg "") Design features of reels about carp fishing[/caption]

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To understand how to choose the Best Reel for carp fishing, you need to know the parameters by which this or that model will have to be evaluated.

First, about the device of spinning reels - this will help to understand in the future the differences between one type and another.

Main parts:

  • Best Reel for carp fishing: The spool is made of light metal or plastic. The determining parameter is the size applied to each product (2000, 2500, 3000) - the higher the marking number, the larger the Best Reel for carp fishing, which means that it will withstand the corresponding load. The most popular size is 2500. The length of the spool determines the possibility of long-range casting - with short or deep friction, the line against the side eats up the throwing distance.
  • Best Reel for carp fishing: Bearings - their number may be different, but the number of sliding elements does not have a special effect on the smoothness of the coil. The optimal number is in the range of 4–6.
  • Best Reel for carp fishing: The gearbox and its gear ratio can be, for example, 5:1, which means: one turn of the handle causes five times the rotation of the rotor. When choosing one or another type, you need to know that the higher the first number, the faster the coil, and vice versa - if lower, the more powerful it is.
  • Best Reel for carp fishing: Line layer - its bow should be well fixed and not closed during casting. To check the operability of the device, it is necessary to shake the coil in the open state, as if performing a casting. If the mechanism inadvertently works, it is wrong - it should turn on only after a whole turn of the handle.
  • Best Reel for carp fishing: The clutch can be front and rear, the first is preferable. Its design should allow adjustment so that when the nut is tightened, the spool does not slow down tightly, but makes it possible for the fishing line to slip. This will allow you to save the product with maximum effort.

Best Reel for carp fishing can additionally be equipped with a bait runner - a device that can instantly turn off the main clutch brake using a special lever. Such products are also suitable for catching other large fish.

Best Reel for carp fishing: How to Pick up a reel for carp

[caption id="attachment_2633" align="aligncenter" width="262"]Best Reel for carp fishing: How to Pick up a reel for carp Best Reel for carp fishing: How to Pick up a reel for carp[/caption]

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To simplify the work with the reel during its rotation and bleed the fishing line, an additional braking system called the baittrainer was designed. It is the presence of such a device that distinguishes the Best Reel for carp fishing. It turns on after the feeder with a removable signal top is installed on a solid base and is ready for operation. The moment of the bite will be marked by the ringing of a bell, and the fishing line, under the force of the trophy's pull, will begin to leave the spool, reacting to a significant load.

The fisherman does not need to run headlong to the feeder - the baitrunner works for him, you can safely approach, take the rod in your hands and turn off the system with a lever or by rotating the reel. This is how the process of carp fishing is transferred to a mode controlled by the fisherman.

Other features concern:

  • Spool shape;
  • A gear ratio of the gearbox;
  • Reel foot size.

Best Reel for carp fishing Reels: for carp fishing must have spools marked 5000 and above. This means that 100 m of fishing line with a diameter of 0.6 mm will fit on it. or 130 with a thickness of 0.5. The product can be in the form of a straight cone with a slope towards the drop of the scaffold and the opposite. It must be perfectly smooth and not have any scuffs and burrs - their presence can be the root cause of tangling (beard), a partial or complete violation of the integrity of the equipment. So the spool should be handled carefully and carefully.

The power ratio is the number of turns of the line guide per revolution of the reel handle. For a carp bobbin, this figure is from 4.2 to 4.6. Due to the low level, the application of force on the lever is reduced, and the winding of the fishing line is smooth with a significant load on the feeder and reel.

A carp rod must have a reel seat with the parameters corresponding to the best Reel for carp fishing being purchased - the dimensions of its paws should be pre-measured before purchase.

In this case, the weight of the Best Reel for carp fishing is not of decisive importance, since the feeder itself is on a stand. If you take into account all the features of choosing a reel for carp fishing, fishing will bring only positive emotions.

Best Reel for carp fishing: Bobbin manufacturers

Carp reels with a baitrunner appeared in the Russian trading network not so long ago, but interest in them arose immediately. The generally recognized leaders in the production of these products are the Japanese companies Daiva and Shimano, the British AVID CARP, and FOX. The bobbins of their models are of high quality and excellent design. But they are quite expensive.

Ordinary amateur fishermen, of course, want to buy cheaper models, and there are such models on sale. Firms RIOBI and Flagman offer their developments at more reasonable prices with good quality. Of course, there are as many opinions as there are fishermen, so advising on choosing a particular brand or model is a thankless task, tastes can only be matched.

But still, here are some of the most popular bobbins:

  1. From the Daiva company, the Tournament series, but they are unacceptable for a wide range of carp fishing enthusiasts. More available models are EMBLEM, and Infinity.
  2. The English company FOX supplies reels of the FX brand under numbers 9 and 11, as well as Stratos. They can satisfy the needs of the most avid anglers.
  3. The best examples of Shimano supplier bobbins are Aero Technium and BIG BAITRUNNER. The latest model is a classic example of a baitrunner reel.
  4. Oversized brand 12000CC REEL from AVID CARP. The characteristics of the product allow you to be sure that it will not let you down when catching the largest fish.
  5. Also good, but at a slightly lower cost, is the Onix Big Pit Reel. Produced by ESP.
  6. Buying these branded models from famous manufacturers is acceptable for sport carp fishing, because their price is quite high. Such samples are also taken by individual avid lovers, who often go fishing.

Most carp anglers prefer to buy a better budget carp reel, which will serve no less reliably, although it is rustic in appearance.

Best Reel for carp fishing: Best buy options

It is in this price range that the following reels for carp are located:

  1. OKUMA Enduro Baitfeeder, which has not yet gained popularity, offers products at relatively low prices - up to 80$. But the bobbins are equipped with a rotor balancing device and line protection from tangling and twisting. This reel is good for catching medium-sized fish.
  2. SALMO Sniper Baitfeeder 3+1. This species is used for bottom rigging but is often used for carp as well. It is quite inexpensive - 200$. Comes with a spare plastic spool.
  3. For beginners, the OKUMA Proforce Baitfeeder reel is recommended. It is fully adapted to hunting carp, but if handled incorrectly, it can damage fishing tackle.


The best reel for carp fishing is one that is durable and can handle heavy weights. Some of the best brands for this type of fishing reel include Daiwa, Shakespeare, and Abu Garcia. These brands offer a variety of models that are designed for different types of fishing and different budgets.