How to cook barley for fishing - Storing - Cooking - Preparation Methods

Barley for fishing is considered one of the most common baits for crucian carp, bream, or carp, it is worth getting acquainted with how to cook barley for fishing.

Experienced fishermen say: cook your own, which is very easy to do. To do this, you should know the rules of cooking, as well as other nuances, since not even all types of pearl barley are suitable as bait.

How to choose pearl barley for fishing?

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So, before you figure out how to cook pearl barley for fishing, you need to learn how to choose the right pearl barley. This will help facilitate the preparation of barley, as well as improve the bite.

So, there are several nuances that you should pay attention to before you cook barley for fishing:

  1. The grain should be large, white, and completely free of hard shells.
  2. Fresh barley grains that were harvested not so long ago will be prepared quickly and easily.
  3. To distinguish old cereals, you need to pay attention to their color, which is dark, and will take a very long time to cook from it.
  4. Even if dark grains are boiled for a long time, they will still not interest the fish.
  5. On fishing, spoiled pearl barley, in which there was a moth or which was eaten by rodents, is not suitable.

Of course, it is very important to have the right pearl barley recipe for quick barley bait, but when choosing it, you should take into account the above nuances so that the bite is good.

Barley bait preparation methods

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There are many ways in which barley recipes are prepared. But here the question arises of how to brew properly so that there is a good bite. Fishermen are used to choosing this cereal, and it is not surprising, because it has several advantages. This bait is available and also it has high efficiency. Many people like this bait for the reason that we cook barley for fishing at home for a long period, because it does not deteriorate. Especially grits for fishing are useful during the inactive biting time since they are very attractive to aquatic inhabitants. Many people cooked this cereal because this method is economical.

At the same time, cooked grains are used both independently and in combination with components that are of plant or animal origin.

So, there are several options for its preparation. Many are interested in how to steam barley for fishing. This recipe will answer that question.

It is distinguished by its simplicity and does not take much time:

  1. First, the cereals are soaked, and only after that they are steamed or boiled.
  2. To steam the grains, you need to make boiling water (cooked in water), you will also need special thermal dishes, the volume of which should be 1 liter.
  3. Soaking cereals is an optional procedure.
  4. Barley is sent to this container, for example, a thermos, and boiling water is poured here.
  5. After the dishes are closed and boiled cereals are infused in them for two hours.

Barley for fishing is indispensable, and such a recipe can also be used in a natural environment in the summer, where it is perfect for bait that is made by yourself. In addition, any person will cope with such cooking.

To catch bream, carp, crucian carp, and barley used as bait for fishing, the recipe will be as follows. Here you will need water (1 l), sugar (1 tsp), a little barley salt (200 g), and millet with aromatic additives. As these additives, honey with unrefined oil, as well as other components, are perfect.

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In a container, you need to mix all the listed products, do not add millet and flavorings, including garlic. After that, the pan is placed on the fire, where the contents are boiled for 20 minutes. Next, millet is poured here and brewed porridge until the liquid has completely evaporated. When this happens, the container must be removed from the stove, and add flavorings here, you can make boiled cereals with garlic. Then you should wait for complete cooling to room temperature.

For a good catch, you can properly prepare the grains when steaming with the addition of fresh sunflower seeds. The positive thing about this fish porridge is that it can be used for both bait and bait. At the same time, seeds are very important here. It is they who will be able to fill pearl barley grains with a good aroma so that the chances of good fishing will immediately increase. Steamed cereals are very simple in the cooking process.

So, you should take one glass of barley and seeds crushed in a coffee grinder, which can be ground with a rolling pin. These components are poured with cold liquid in the amount of 1 liter and the container is placed on a slow fire.

Porridge is cooked until the water has completely evaporated. Do not forget to stir the dish, otherwise, it will burn. However, it is not necessary to remove the foam or rinse the cereal. After you cook it, this nozzle must be insisted throughout the night.

It is important to know that for successful fishing, you must first lure the place. Therefore, cooked grains in small amounts are first simply thrown into the water, where barley fishing for fish will be carried out. After 30 minutes, you can throw a hook there.

The planted barley should be changed often, because the aroma is quickly washed off during the stay in the pond, so the fish will not be able to catch it and stop pecking.

How to store barley bait for fishing?

After the wheat has been cooked, it is placed in the refrigerator. Only there she should stay no more than two days. When this time passes, and the cooked cereal remains, it can only be used for bait. But only if the carp is not caught. Since this type of fish is very capricious, a new mixture is steamed for them.

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In addition, even during fishing, the box with cereals should be closed all the time, so the grains will not dry out. By the way, the same rules apply to such bait as worms.

It is not necessary to add flavorings during cooking. This can be done later, for example, mixed with grains immediately before catching. Sunflower oil or honey is perfect for this. As an experienced fisherman said: I cook without such additives.

Many fishermen advise covering barley with breadcrumbs, arguing that this will help keep the porridge longer. Such storage methods are effective. In addition, crackers with a bad bite will be separated by grains, so the crucian carp will begin to respond faster to such a bite.

The barley is also put on the hook specially, and you should also get acquainted with this, especially when it comes to beginners.

So, it's important to know:

  • Grits attachment largely depends on the size of the hook;
  • If this tackle is small, then one grain should be placed on it;
  • 2-3 grains are placed on large hooks, this amount is the most acceptable;
  • Barley is pierced in the center, where the dark strip is located;
  • This area is considered the strongest in the grain;
  • Pearl barley can be combined with maggots or worms.

If the fisherman adheres to these simple rules, then fishing will be successful even with a weak bite. But the most basic components of good fishing include fresh boiled cereals, the use of useful tips and the right place. In this scenario, even a beginner can get a big summer catch.

Proper heat treatment

As for the heat treatment, that is, how long it takes to cook barley for fishing, then the bait, which is designed for crucian pecking, bream, should be cooked for up to 50 minutes.

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If you withstand this period, then the cereal will be soft, but not boiled, which is also very important. To cook cereals, you need a metal pan, or you can use any other metal container.

You should know the following universal rules that will help in preparing the right barley recipe for fishing:

  • 3 parts of water are poured into the pan, which is boiled over a good fire;
  • The pearl barley is poured here;
  • After that, the fire should be reduced and cooked for no more than 30 minutes;
  • At the same time, do not forget to stir constantly;
  • When the specified period passes, then semolina is added here;
  • You can add yellow food coloring, necessarily unrefined oil and seeds, peeled, but not fried;
  • All components are mixed, and they must be cooked for 10 minutes, during which it is also necessary to stir all the time.

During this period, the contents will become in the form of gruel. It will have a yellow tint, and the smell of nozzles is a subtle aroma of sunflowers. When the porridge is ready, it must be covered with a lid, and a blanket should be placed on top. Let the container stand for at least two hours. After so much time, the contents will cool down a bit.

This bait is also suitable for the nozzle, it will have a viscous consistency. Thanks to this, it will be possible to quickly build boilies of a soluble nature from it. Lures will attract large aquatic life such as carp.

In addition, many are interested in whether it is possible to add such porridge and how to do it so as not to oversalt. When preparing cereals, many people wonder if the bite will improve if it is salted. This applies not only to the bait but also to the bait. This question is answered by those who have been fishing for many years and have tried all the options. They claim that the addition of salt does not adversely affect the bite. The fact is that this spice is considered a natural flavor enhancer. But still, when adding it to barley for fishing, appropriate measures must be observed.

If the bait is being prepared, then a small pinch of this component is enough for 1 liter. In this case, it is better to abandon other flavors, especially in large numbers. Otherwise, the fish may react negatively to such a specific taste. This can lead to the fact that the bite will be completely absent.

Such simple rules will help you properly prepare barley for fishing. Be sure to get a metal container for this. Also, attention should be paid to additives, for example, honey, vegetable oil, and others. All the ingredients used must be of natural origin since the artificial smell will only scare away aquatic life.


Barley is an excellent bait for fishing and can be easily stored and cooked. There are several methods of cooking barley, but the most effective method is to simmer it in water for a few minutes before adding it to your bait box.