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Loach fishing is a popular sport in many parts of the world. The fish are small, bottom-dwelling freshwater fish that are found in streams and rivers. They are a member of the carp family and are related to the minnow.

Loaches are characterized by their long, slender bodies and their small mouths. They have small, barbel-like fins on their lower jaws, and their tails are rounded. Loaches are usually brown or green in color, and they have spots on their sides.

The loach is a popular target for fishermen because of its small size and its abundance in many waterways. Loach fishing can be done with a variety of methods, including bait fishing, fly fishing, and spinning.

Loach Appearance

Loach fish is a representative of the cyprinoid order and lives only in freshwater rivers. This species inhabits most of the freshwater bodies of Europe, Asia, and North Africa. The loach got its name due to its unusual appearance and squirming features. Many fishermen who caught a fish for the first time confuse it with a snake at first, because their external resemblance is simply colossal. What are the features of the behavior of this subspecies and how best to catch a loach?

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Loach is a relatively small fish, the length of which rarely exceeds 18 cm. Particularly experienced fishermen managed to catch loaches and more than 30 cm. But since this family has a very peculiar and interesting behavior, in order to catch it, you need to have certain knowledge.

The appearance of representatives of the genus loach is distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • The body of the fish has an elongated cylindrical shape, which makes it very similar to a snake. On the sides, loach fish seem to be pressed;
  • Thanks to small scales, almost completely ingrown into the skin, the surface seems smooth;
  • The color of males and females is quite bright and contrasting. The predominant colors are yellow, brown, brown and gray. In the rarest cases, individuals with black scales can be found;
  • Loaches have a small rounded tail fin, which gives them the ability to maneuver and move so skillfully;
  • Around the mouth there are small antennae, from 8 to 12 pieces;
  • A feature of males is a thicker and elongated second pectoral fin.
  • Since the loach is a fish belonging to the squeaker family, when pulled out of the water, it begins to wriggle and squeak very strongly.

Experts say that these fish can live up to 10 years.

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In nature, there are more than 150 species of fish belonging to the loach genus, the most common species are:

1. The common spinach is the smallest member of the genus. They can be found almost throughout Europe, with the exception of some northern countries. The maximum length of the spike is 10 cm, the color is bright yellow with dark spots on the sides.

2.Loach ordinary. It is found in muddy waters, the size of individuals varies from 15 to 30 cm. Unlike other loaches, the color of this fish may vary depending on habitat conditions. These fish have a dark brown back, a yellow belly, and spotted flanks.

3.Amur loach. Found only in Siberia, Japan and China. The size of the largest individual does not exceed 27 cm, in captivity the fish can only grow up to 17 cm. The predominant colors are copper-yellow and light brown.

Each of these species feeds on small mollusks, various insects (worms, larvae) and small crustaceans. Since loaches live mainly on the bottom, they eat the caviar of other fish and even silt.

Features of fishing

Experienced anglers claim that loach fishing is carried out all year round. It is perfectly caught on an ordinary fishing rod with a small hook, the fisherman does not have to stock up on any special gear.

To increase the chances of a catch, it is best to use as bait:

  • worms;
  • maggots;
  • moths.

Many fishermen catch fish not for eating, but as bait for large predators, due to the increased vitality of loaches.

Experts say that a captured loach in captivity can live for about a week.

Since loaches prefer to be found in muddy waters, it is best to catch them on a green fishing line, the thickness of which does not exceed 0.3 mm. Casting should be done so that the bait is approximately on the same level with the algae. You will need to pull the bait carefully, with slow movements. You can fish from the shore or from a boat.

Trap for catching Loach

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Catching loach in winter is significantly different from summer fishing. To catch a good catch, experienced anglers recommend building a special basket trap. As a basis, you can take a regular box or basket. The bottom of the container will need to be covered with a tarpaulin, in the center of the trap, making a small hole, located slightly higher. According to the principle of operation, the trap is very similar to a conventional crayfish. The container should be positioned so that the inlet is a couple of centimeters above the bottom.

Usage features:

  • A hole is made in the river, its cross section should be less than the diameter of the trap;
  • From above, the hole is covered with twigs, twigs and grass;
  • When everything is done, the fisherman can leave. Now it remains to wait a couple of days. Sensing the flow of air, the fish will begin to swim to the hole;
  • After a few days, when the flock of fish is already decent, the hole needs to be expanded and the prepared container lowered. The side of the tank should Be slightly above the water level, otherwise, the catch may slip away;
  • After the hole, it is again necessary to cover it with twigs and hay. When the fish approaches for oxygen, it will pass into the hole, but will not be able to get out of it. Thanks to this method, loaches can be caught in dozens.

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Despite the fact that the loach is not considered a rare fish, it has many admirers, as it has very tasty and tender meat.


Worms are a very popular bait for fishing, particularly for tench. Tench is a freshwater fish found in lakes and ponds, and are considered a fairly easy fish to catch. Worms are good bait for tench because they are relatively small and tench are not finicky eaters.

Whatever technique is used, fishing with worms can be quite effective in catching tench. The key is to make sure the worms are fresh and lively, as this will help to attract the fish.