Tackle for Catching Catfish Methods of fishing and Tackle


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Catfish are a popular and challenging fish to catch, and having the right tackle is essential for success.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of tackle that can be used for catching catfish, as well as the methods and techniques for effectively targeting these fish.

We will also explore the different methods of catfishing and the techniques that can be used to effectively target different species of catfish, including channel catfish, blue catfish, and flathead catfish.

What gear and methods of fishing are there?

High-quality bottom gear is:

  • A strong, ideally fluorocarbon line and a leader made of a slightly less strong material up to 1 mm long for bottom fishing;
  • Large single hook, up to the fortieth, made of hardened steel;
  • The desired load, the mass of which should be calculated separately depending on the characteristics of the spinning rod and the required casting distance.

All these tackles are considered necessary when catching such predators at the end of June. The mass of the required cargo can be calculated on special sites if it is difficult for you to do it yourself. The spinning tackle itself can even be tied to pegs near the shore and simply attach a bell to the cord, but it is better to use catfish spinning with an inertial coil.

More experienced fishermen prefer inertia-free, but not every beginner can master such tackle for catfish with their own hands. Often, a donk is used when catching a family of catfish at night, while the rod is fixed on the shore so that it does not come off during a sharp bite.

Otherwise, checking the catch in the morning, you may end up with nothing at all. If the bottom tackle for catching catfish does not give an effect, then instead of it they use a vent, similar in principle.

[caption id="attachment_3179" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Tackle for Catching Catfish Tackle for Catching Catfish[/caption]

The main difference is the presence of the last live bait, whether it be a frog or a large live bait. Spinning for catching catfish from a boat is popular in the daytime, but if you are going to catch a predator from the shore, then you are very lucky if the pits are close to it.

Such fishing is practically doomed to success and valuable trophies of the catfish family are caught on it, if you adhere to the following nuances:

  1. A rigid and strong rod from 2 meters long should be used so that it can withstand the stage of “cutting” the fish, especially if it is June.
  2. Gear for catfish in this case should be used without inertia, but multiplier gear is also possible - there is not much difference in efficiency, and catfish are equally well caught on both.
  3. The best gear for catching catfish from the shore is spoons or jigging wobblers, they almost perfectly imitate the movements of real bait. But for additional efficiency, you can drop special pheromones on them, so that the equipment for the catfish can be smelled from afar and the predator caught the trail of the bait.
  4. A day or two before fishing, feed the fish in this place, and live bait should be caught in the same reservoir where we then catch the predator. Then the effectiveness of equipment for catching catfish will increase significantly.

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The capture of catfish in June with the help of “trolling” is also gaining popularity. This requires powerful spinning rods and multiplier reels, which, together with deep-sea wobblers, will bring the coveted trophy. The main thing is not to miscalculate with the strength of the cord, for catching catfish in June, a braid or fishing line with a fluorocarbon coating will be ideal, and it is better to buy the wiring itself from 100% fluorocarbonate so that the predator simply does not bite it off. Another good method used by our grandfathers is fishing from a boat for cookies and tackling with an underwater float.

Periodic impacts on the water's surface begin to attract predators that swim up to the underwater bait and decide to feast on it.

The second method is preferable for beginners since its study gives scope for the development and capture of many types of fish in various conditions. But fishing gear alone will not bring you victory, you also need to learn the right technique, and build a Kwok, as well as choose the right baits, so it's best to consult with a more experienced mentor before that and ask him about the main mistakes.

Even fairly large individuals are caught with such equipment, but only from boats - it is useless to even try from the shores. However, for such efficiency, one must also learn how to properly wield the equipment, otherwise, there will be no smell of catfish near the hook. Also, an inflatable boat should not be used for catching catfish in July. All this requires experience.

According to safety precautions, you need to be careful during installation and you can’t wind tackle a catfish on your hand, otherwise, a predator weighing several kilograms will throw you overboard with one sharp jerk.

But if you are afraid of not holding the line, you can prudently wrap it around a steel rod and hold on to such “water skis” with both hands, and then you definitely won’t lose the bait.

Certain skills are needed here, and at first, it will be very difficult for you, but you also can’t attach equipment for fishing to the boat itself - this can lead to damage to it and other undesirable consequences, ruining catfish fishing altogether. It's better to lose your catch than your health, so don't get too caught up in fishing.

What kind of bait and bait does the fish prefer?

If we figured out how to catch a catfish, then here's what to catch it for, if catfish have several favorite lures, which are the most catchy? And what equipment should be used?

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As with any predatory fish, “live” baits are a priority, but there are some patterns here:

  1. Not the most catchy, but the most popular bait for giants consists of the simplest bait - worms, and leeches of the bear, the fish also responds well to crawling out, they must be strung several pieces on the hook at the same time, otherwise, the catch will consist of catfish, the correct way to do this, when the baits are already collected, you should learn from another material, and it will be much easier to crawl out on the hook.
  2. For effective fishing, you should collect ide or sablefish fry, which are very fond of fish, they will be good bait. Well suited for bottom fishing with spinning, catfish will be caught with them every few minutes. What gear to use here depends on the circumstances. But it is better to use the underwater fishing method with such bait, then you will get a lot of good catch, even if the tackle is not the best.
  3. Some people manage to catch catfish on spinning with fresh fish fillets, but this method cannot be called catchy and is not suitable for everyone due to the price and slight difference in efficiency that the bait has.
  4. Nothing will be the best gift for a catfish, how to make frog or twister baits, this is especially effective on a boat. The best idea is wobblers with the heaviest sinkers, and if you don’t mind, even crab meat will do, which can hardly be attributed to simple complementary foods. True, with such a delicacy you will not catch much more fish. But the fish will be happy with the bait collected from frogs, even with a noisy boat nearby. This bait remains one of the best underwaters to this day.
  5. Catchable spinners are the simplest that are presented here and are also used as a bottom tackle with a strong current, but if you make them yourself, then you need not miscalculate with the size. Too big or small bait will not give the desired effect. In this case, both the installation and the rod itself play a role. Crawling is a little more effective in most cases, but if there is no alternative, this will be the best option.
  6. To catch a catfish with a fishing rod with a float, gentle currents are needed, and the offal of small animals is also suitable for the equipment, for a better fishing effect, you should smoke a simple delicacy in advance, then it will acquire a powerful smell that can quickly attract all the fish in the area, coming up as a priority catfish bait. It is good to use such bait for underwater fishing.

Catfish Bait Atack

The correct catfish bait will be eaten in 10 minutes, and if the fish does not bite at all, then you have chosen the wrong bait (fishing secret). If the catfish is chosen not very catchy and artificial, then they need to be periodically carried along the bottom while doing it slowly and evenly, the catfish caught on the hook will not have to wait long.

[caption id="attachment_3181" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Spinners Spinners[/caption]

Such a “game” will attract fish and the catfish will not go unnoticed, unlike the cargo lying like a stone at the bottom. To use a live catfish, for example, crawling out, correctly, it should be prepared with high quality. Dead or half-dead fry will not let the appetite break out, so the best catfish is not kept in the freezer, but fattened in separate aquariums. But the catfish from creeps and other animals or their giblets should be selected independently.

Depending on the situation and the reservoir, the specific type of families, and even the time of year, such a simple bait may simply not be liked by the fish. And in other circumstances, it will attract them better than any other. Therefore, the experience of the fisherman himself plays a significant role here, but if there is no desire to fill your own bumps, then you can always ask fishing wisdom about catfish from those who catch in the same place. They are easy to talk to, and they will tell you a lot of useful tips, but whether to use them or not is your own decision.

If you could not find fishermen who would share fishing tips in their favorite places, there are always a lot of them on the Internet. There are thousands of fishing forums, most importantly, choose among these topics the one that will satisfy your requirements to a greater extent.

Catching Catfish Homemade Tackle

Your tackle should always have some handmade tackle that is used by the rods. Often this is how to float equipment is made.

[caption id="attachment_3178" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Catfish Catfish[/caption]

When hunting for large prey, athletes and experienced anglers always have home-made spinning gear in their hands, which bypasses store equipment by several criteria at once:

  1. It can be customized to suit all the nuances of your fishing on the river. Some purchased rigs still have to be supplemented so that they keep well in the current, so isn’t it easier to immediately give it the necessary weight and density for a particular float? Such gear can take into account all the features of the river. All this will save a lot of fishing.
  2. You know how to deal with it. Not all beginners know how to use jibing, but when you use a do-it-yourself jibing, you will definitely know how it functions and there will be no problems with how to catch a catfish. Twister and jibing are rather difficult to manufacture, but useful spinning tackle. The float cannot be used with them.
  3. Hand-made tackle is universal. It will always fit your rod. And you can use such fishing equipment in a variety of situations.
  4. Quiet fishing can be destroyed by a sharp change in weather, everyone who fished in the spring knows this, and store fishing equipment is adapted only to specific conditions. While you can create your own, taking into account all the nuances of your region.
  5. Some may even get hooked on crocheting bait, and they will be happy to make other floats and floats.

Making equipment for spinning catfish and, moreover, a rod is a labor-intensive manufacturing process, but not every spinning rod can withstand a field test with a giant fish on the hook. And your fishing rod will always be stronger and more powerful. Some manufacturers even overestimate the performance of their gear. While the simplest catfish tackle will never let you down if it is made by you personally.

To do this, it is enough to have a strong cord and a high-quality hook, it is better to use a marine knot for fastening. After that, if necessary, calculate the mass of the sinker, taking into account the bait and the Archimedean force, because adjusting it, having already arrived at the river, is a waste of time and nerves.

You can not even cast a sinker yourself, but purchase it in a store - this is that insignificant equipment, the quality of which in most cases can be sacrificed without consequences. It is much more important to choose the right fishing line and hook. The best choice would be fishing lines with a fluorocarbon coating, they are not very expensive, but several times stronger than usual for the same volume. While the braid is too striking, especially when fishing in the daytime. You can also buy a cord completely made of fluorocarbonate, but it has its own nuances, and tackle, which is not really needed, can hit your pocket hard. On the other hand, due to the low refractive index of light, such fishing lines are invisible in water.

Tackle for Catching Catfish Line

Choose a line taking into account the jerking power of the fish, that is, your trophy must weigh 3 kg, and the fishing line must withstand at least 30. The length depends on personal preferences and casting distance, it is best to take lines under 50 meters.

The coil to which it will be attached can also be made independently, but the wooden and foam products that are advised all over the Internet are too short-lived, and metalworking skills come in handy here.

Tackle for Catching Catfish Weights

If you have not been able to find a sinker of suitable weight, you can always cast it from lead into the shape of a hollow cylinder. The weight should be placed 100 cm from the bait so that it can freely oscillate and lure the fish.

Tackle for Catching Catfish Hooks

Choose a single hook, but strong enough and large enough. This is the case when you should pay close attention to the brand and reviews on the Internet. After all, often when fishing, the catch sailed away along with a broken or torn-off hook.

To avoid the latter, learn how to knit strong knots, this will save you in many situations.

If you decide to make and sharpen this tackle yourself, you will need wire up to 6 millimeters thick. Sharpen one tip immediately and use special tools to make a “double point”, then bend it parallel to the main part. Flatten the other end with a couple of hammer blows and wrap it in a circle to form a torus.


Catfish are a popular and challenging fish to catch, and having the right tackle is essential for success.

In this article, we discussed the different types of tackle that can be used for catching catfish, as well as the methods and techniques for effectively targeting these fish.

Understanding the specific needs of catfish, such as the type of bait and rigging to use, can help you to be prepared for different fishing conditions.

With the right tackle and knowledge, you will be able to enjoy a successful and satisfying catfishing experience.