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Chub fishing can be an exciting and rewarding experience for anglers of all skill levels. Choosing the right fishing lure can make all the difference in your success on the water. One popular and effective lure for chub fishing is the wobbler, a type of fishing lure that imitates the movements of injured or struggling prey.

Since that time, many companies have appeared that are engaged in the production of small products. They are sold in large quantities. The very word "wobbler" means "wobble". This can also be observed in the behavior of these products.

Features of catching chub

If you do not know how to catch a chub on a wobbler, you should first buy a spinning rod. It should be with a test of 7 grams. You need to choose a cord that is not too bright with a diameter of 0.12-0.18 mm. This is necessary in order not to scare off the prey. The wiring is selected for the time of year. If you choose the most catchy wobblers for chub, you can go fishing in any weather. Difficulties can arise only with strong winds.

Tips for beginner fishermen:

  • fishing success depends on the availability of a boat. This is due to the fact that the predator prefers to eat near hanging trees, bushes, snags. Shore casts are not always effective;
  • find a feeding place to return here every year to catch fish;
  • learn how to use bait correctly.

For beginners, it is better to first purchase budget wobbler options in order to practice. With experience, you can buy better products.

The main types of wobblers

Wobblers are produced for catching different types of chub. This can be seen if you visit the store. Now you need to figure out what types of bait designed for chubs exist.

[caption id="attachment_3342" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Chub fishing Chub fishing[/caption]

These can be models with blades that are used for buried wiring:

  • minnow - thin and runny products resembling a minnow and other small fish;
  • shad - the shape of the body is flat but high;

Chub is caught on wobblers without blades, which are used on the surface of the water.

Here are the main types:

  • popper - the front part, cut off and there is a cup that makes a sound resembling the signal of a feeding small fish;
  • chugger - similar to a popper, but used for underwater wiring;
  • walker - resembles a minnow, but without the presence of blades;
  • crawler - there is a transverse blade that looks like insect wings.

Medium sinking lures such as darter, rattlin, jerk baits are not used for chub fishing.

Tips for choosing a wobbler

Before fishing, you should always buy all the necessary accessories. Only in this way will it be possible to catch the chub.

Here are some of the main signs that you need to pay attention to when buying a wobbler:

  • the form;
  • diameter;
  • the size;
  • rating;
  • color;
  • the game;
  • immersion depth;
  • throwing distance.

To make the right choice, you need to find out what size chub is caught in a particular reservoir. Based on the information received, the bait is selected. For example, if the fish is small or medium, you need to choose a small product - up to 3 cm. For a large chub, a bait up to 5 cm is selected.

Experienced fishermen advise using small wobblers, as they can catch fish of any size.

What lure color should I choose?

The bait for the chub must be clearly visible. But the shade should be such as not to frighten the fish.

[caption id="attachment_3341" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Chub Chub[/caption]

Here is the most popular wobbler color for chub:

  • Golden sides, light belly, burgundy back - suitable for clear and sunny weather, it is better to use before sunset or in the morning.
  • Natural color - suitable for June or July.
  • The green and brown hue is one of the best colors that resemble goat crustaceans.
  • Matte light sides and pink top - used in the evening or early morning.

The chub is a fish that is demanding flowers. It is better to choose colors such as silver, white, yellow, brown or gold.

For cloudy water, silver or white products should be used.

The best wobblers for chub

[caption id="attachment_3343" align="aligncenter" width="795"]The best wobblers for chub The best wobblers for chub[/caption]

Various types of baits are offered for sale. Here are the top best chub wobblers that can interest fishermen. This classification is selected taking into account the time of year.

In spring and early summer, the fry is very small, as it has recently appeared from eggs.

Given the short stature, you can see the following list of top lures:

  • DaMiKi Pirami Minnow is a 4 cm wobbler, which belongs to the minnow type. He makes short jerks, which attracts the predator. The movements are chaotic, therefore they are associated with a wounded fish.
  • GOLAVL PRO - produced by the company "Silver Stream". It resembles a sinking fat. The weight is 5 g, it can go deep up to 3 m. It can also be used during alloy fishing. You can catch chub and ide, pike, asp.
  • Jackall Chubby is the most popular wobblers. The name of the product has even become a household name. Many companies refer to similar products as "cups". Fishermen often call this product model a chub killer, but they originally created it to catch trout. The model is constantly included in the top 10 wobblers on many sites.
  • Yo-Zuri L-minnow 44 - their length is 4.4 cm. It flies great, and maintains the jet. In the spring is a good bait. To attract a predator, there is a "rattle".
  • Lucky Craft B'Freeze 78 - belongs to the type of suspender. This model ranks between the crank and fat categories. On a leash, 5 behaves as realistically as possible, which allows you to catch a good catch.
  • Lucky Craft GenGoal 35F - looks like a beetle. It behaves sweepingly and quickly attracts chub representatives. Of course, in places with a powerful jet in the water is not used. Ideal where there is a calm current.
  • Pontoon 21 RedRag 36F/SSR are surface rolls that provide excellent jet support. Suitable for shallow waters. Chub fishing on rolls is good in summer. Wobbler size 3.6 cm. They can be used for small and adult predators.

In late summer and autumn, an increase in the number of insects is observed. With this in mind, models of wobblers for chub fishing were made.

They resemble beetles and spiders:

  • Blackall Hamakuru Spider - beginners rarely choose such a model, but in vain. The chub gladly grabs the offered unfamiliar bait. This product has tempting legs on the water.
  • Rebel Tadfry - such wobblers are exact copies of tadpoles. Ideal for catching fish in pools and where a lot of leaves are attacked. The wobbler does not hold the current well.
  • Megabass Siglet - has the most realistic behavior, so the predator immediately grabs it. Suitable for use in autumn.

Some of the most common products were listed. An experienced fisherman has wobblers for chub of the 10 best specimens, which are included in the top.

Budget models of wobblers

If we talk about the most popular baits, then the list will be headed by cheap products. Among many manufacturers, Kasadaka occupies a leading position. Various baits are produced under this brand, among which wobblers for chub are distinguished, and have gained great popularity. By choosing Kosadaka, you can be sure that the product is simple.

Here is a list of budget wobblers that are chosen for chub fish:

  • Roger, Syntex, Boxer - these products meet the requirements for chub fishing, differ in the degree of deepening;
  • Renegade - harder to use, but any beginner can handle it;
  • Lucky John is a wobbler with a long history that has proven itself well.

Depending on the experience and the availability of funds, you can choose a decent wobbler for successful fishing.

How to make your own bait

Shops offer wobblers of different types. They are so diverse that you want to admire them all day long. But there are craftsmen who are ready to make a wobbler with their own hands. It is worth remembering that Laurir Rapala made the first artificial bait from spruce bark.

Here is an approximate plan of how to prepare budget wobblers with your own hands:

  • prepare branches of bird cherry or linden in autumn;
  • prepare several knives for working with wood;
  • for equipment, purchase a strong wire;
  • buy a sharp tee;
  • blades need plastic or metal.