When pike spawn Features and time of pike spawning

It has long been established that the spawning of pike is one of the earliest among fish that spawn in the spring. When some species of fish are just spawning, newborn pike fry is already fully formed by predators.

However, not everything is so good for young predators in the first months of their existence. For example, according to statistics, only 10% of the offspring survive from all the young that are born, and even less, about 5%, survive to the age of one year.

Features and time of pike spawning

[caption id="attachment_3363" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Features and time of pike spawning Features and time of pike spawning[/caption]

If you do not know when the pike goes to spawn, then the period of pike spawning depends on the location of the reservoir in which it lives. It is clear that the further south a river or lake is located, the earlier spawning will begin in them.

Here are some more features of pike spawning:

  1. As a rule, the spawning period for pikes starts at a time when the water in rivers and other water bodies warms up to 3-6 degrees Celsius. First of all, pike, aged from one to three years, go out to spawn, and then older individuals follow, while spring spawning ends with spawning of the largest individuals.
  2. As already mentioned, the predator spawns in groups in which there are more males than females. During pike spawning, this predator loses its own caution, for example, it slaps its tail on the water, starts to jump out of it, and can even swim between the legs of a fisherman standing in a pond. During this period, pike can even be caught with bare hands.
  3. Pike spawning occurs with regular intensity throughout the entire period of time, and it is practically independent of other third-party factors.
  4. In windy weather, the predator tries to go to spawn in the bridgehead of the reservoir protected from waves. After laying their eggs, the females go to the depths, while the males continue to be at the spawning site. That is why, with pike spawning, a greater number of males are observed than females. Males can begin to participate in spawning from the age of two.

These and other characteristics may be of interest to many citizens, regardless of whether they are experienced anglers or have nothing to do with such a business.

The Spawning time for pike

The pre-spawning of pike can begin as early as the third decade of February or the first of March. Exhausted and very hungry pike, ready for spawning, goes to the mouths of large and small reservoirs. During this period, the pike's is at its highest level, and it is able to eat everything that catches its eye.

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After the pike stops, it is ready for spawning. It is worth saying that most often pike spawning occurs in small rivers, since in large and deep reservoirs there is a greater chance that its eggs will be carried away by the current.

It is also worth knowing that:

  • The lake predator starts spawning later than the river individuals;
  • The difference between the beginning of spawning in the southern and northern regions of the Russian Federation is quite significant and can reach three months;
  • Also, it is worth knowing that spawning in closed reservoirs begins much later than in open ones.

The behavior of some varieties of pike living in the cold regions of Russia is also interesting. After the opening of the rivers, the subsequent of females, local species are able to lay eggs twice in a season.

Usually, the first spawning occurs after the water in the rivers reaches the proper temperature, and the second around mid-June.

Pike Post-spawning

Many experienced fishermen know that after spawning pike fishing has some peculiarities.

[caption id="attachment_3365" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Pike eating a frog. Pike eating a frog.[/caption]

For example:

  1. In this segment, the pike is ready to throw at most baits, it has a rather productive bite.
  2. The only thing that the pike is not particularly fond of is artificially made types of baits.
  3. Most of the females after spawning have a very active appetite, usually in the spring pike is in bays or estuaries of tributaries.
  4. Here the pikes become ranks, open their own mouths and catch roach, silver bream, ide and other species of fish with them.

In other words, at the moment when the pike begins to peck, many lovers of fishing for predatory fish species rush to the reservoirs. As a rule, the post-spawn bite in pikes goes well. They can be caught from mid-March until the equator of May.

However, there are also opposite situations in which the predator pecks sluggishly. This happens in seasons with a powerful flood or at the moment when water in reservoirs begins to fall sharply. Such a catch for the spring hungry pike is very insidious, because it wants to eat, and there are very few fish in the rivers.

Should you catch a predator at the time of its spawning?

Many adhere to the rule that when a pike spawning, you should not catch it.

[caption id="attachment_3366" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Pike fishing on a boat. Pike fishing on a boat.[/caption]

There are many reasons for this:

  • By catching one individual, you will destroy approximately 2,000 potentially large predators capable of growing;
  • If the female has reached five or more years of age, then this number can reach 200,000;
  • On average, about 500 individuals survive from one thousand eggs to one year of age.

It is also worth knowing that before spawning, pike begin to move to the spawning site in winter, often staying under the ice.

This type of predatory fish is incredibly aggressive and voracious, and its main competitors are taimen and catfish. In some developed countries, cyprinids are launched into reservoirs with these predators, eating which allows you to get enough of the former and correct the number of the latter.

If an active period of pike spawning has begun to occur, then it is better not to disturb her at this time, but wait a month and start hunting for her in full swing, which will bring you a lot of pleasure.