Asp spinning fishing | Optimal time and places for biting


Fishing has been a popular pastime for centuries. It is a relatively easy way to relax and enjoy the outdoors. For many, it is also a way to connect with nature and experience the beauty of the natural world. There are many different ways to fish, but one of the most popular is spinning fishing. This type of fishing uses a spinning reel and bait to attract fish. The optimal time and place for spinning fishing depends on the type of fish you are trying to catch. In general, spinning fishing is most successful in the morning or evening, when the sun is not too bright. The best place to spin fish is in areas with plenty of vegetation, as this provides cover for the bait and attracts fish.

Asp spinning fishing

Asp fishing can be carried out using different gear, but spinning is still considered the most effective rod. Only with the help of a truly high-quality tackle can this fish be pulled ashore, feeling its unusual disposition. But experienced anglers warn that even if a person correctly selects a rod and bait, it is far from a fact that he will remain a winner. In order for the bite to be successful, you need to know the features and habits of a white predator. How to catch an asp and what should be the tackle ?

Optimal time and place for biting

As practice shows, the best time for catching asp is early spring. It is in March that large and small individuals most often swim up to the shore, which almost never happens at other times of the year. During this month, fish can often be found close to the coast, where there is no current. Also, asp can swim up to flooded trees and shrubs to catch fry, which are its main food. Anglers can also count on the pre-spawning run, since the sheresper mainly feeds in the periods between melting and spawning. In addition, it is worth noting that until the water rises to the summer level and becomes transparent, the asp will move randomly through the reservoir.

Ichthyologists say that closer to midnight, large and small individuals begin to retreat to a depth, so it is better to fish in the daytime.

Unlike many fish species, asp spawns in small groups (no more than 10 individuals), so it is impossible to identify the spawning run.

If you plan to catch asp in the summer, special attention should be paid to such areas:

  • Semi-bays;
  • Sites near hydrotechnical facilities (dams and artificial embankments);
  • Places with flooded snags and shrubs;
  • Pits located just below the rifts;
  • Spits along the islands (in places where the current is minimal).
  • Such areas attract asp the most, as they are optimal for hunting.


If fishing is carried out for asp, you need to understand that such a predator has fairly good eyesight. In clear weather, he can notice a fisherman on the shore at a distance of about 15 m, and if he stands waist-deep in water, then from 5 m.

To increase the chances of a successful bite, it is recommended to follow these rules:

  • Asp fishing should be carried out in clothes of soft colors. The ideal option is to wear something dark (brown, black, dark green), so the fish can confuse the fisherman with the tree;

  • It is better to fish from the shore, while you can’t move a lot. It is best to find a secluded place away from the shore (for example, behind a bush) and cast from there. If you are fishing for asp in June or July, it is recommended to take polarized glasses with you to protect your eyes from cutting light.

Experienced anglers immediately warn beginners, asp is a very cautious fish that, sensing the slightest danger, will immediately go to the bottom. That is why the angler needs to adapt and behave in the literal sense of the word "like a mouse."

Gear selection

How to catch asp and what tackle to use? Most often, a predator is fished out for spinning. If the rod rig is assembled correctly, it will be possible to make the longest possible casts, which in this case is extremely important. An important role is also played by the selection of bait.

Basic Rules:

  1. To collect equipment, only high-quality parts should be used that will allow the angler not to miss even the weakest bite and hook the fish in time.
  2. The minimum spinning length is 2.5 m, but it is better if it is about 3 m.
  3. You need to pick up baits of medium severity, approximately 50-70 g each. If fishing for asp on spinning in the summer will be carried out at great depths, the weight should be even greater.
  4. Spinning should be equipped with a high-quality reel, without inertia. It is desirable that the spool is roomy enough, the ideal size is 2500.
  5. Many people do not know what to choose: fishing line or braided line? For fishing asp, it is recommended to use a strong braided line with a breaking force of 5-7 kg.
  6. Only metal leashes are fixed on the fishing line. If the element is made of a different material, the fish will simply gnaw through it.

When choosing what to catch asp, you should immediately take into account that all elements of the equipment must be of the highest quality and reliable. If fishing is carried out using unreliable spinning, the probability of a catch will be minimal.

Bait selection

Since this type of fish is quite voracious, you can use virtually any spinner, they can be of various types and colors. If the fisherman is trying to assemble the perfect rig, it is recommended to use the world-famous Castmaster weighing 30 g. Since this bait has almost perfect shapes, even with this weight it can be thrown far.

The rest of the spinning baits for asp also proved to be quite good:

  1. Wobblers and poppers. If you want to catch a predator, you can try to do it with their help, but it is still preferable to use metal baits. The asp has rather sharp teeth, so a large individual can bite the bait. A very good result is also shown by vibrations of medium severity.
  2. Devonian. With the help of the Devon, asp is caught quite badly on spinning in the spring. But on the other hand, you can catch a very large individual on the tackle. To prevent the Devon from constantly twisting the fishing line, it is necessary to use a swivel.
  3. Zywiec. If fishing is carried out on spinning, you can use live bait. It is best to catch small carp or a few top falcons. Other small fish like bleak will also do.

It is impossible to say which bait is the most effective, since fish can peck at one or another bait, depending on the type of reservoir and environmental conditions.

If fishing is carried out on a lake located near a village or other settlement, it is more likely to catch asp on live bait than on artificial bait.

Optimal conditions for fishing

For catching asp on spinning, it is recommended to choose shallow areas (about 2-2.5 m). If you fish correctly with well-assembled equipment, you can fish out several individuals at once in a couple of hours.

Ideal conditions for biting:

  • The probability of catching asp on spinning increases in the morning hours, since in the late afternoon the fish begins to go deeper;
  • These fish practically do not react to changing weather conditions, so you can catch asp on spinning both in clear and cloudy weather. But keep in mind that in the autumn the bite will still be reduced;
  • Sharesper is right to catch when the weather starts to change. A few hours before a thunderstorm or before a downpour, the fish will be very active;
  • During the spawning period, the fish also have a very good bite, so this time must be fully used;
  • Experienced anglers say that it is best to catch asp from the shore when the water temperature does not exceed 10 degrees.

Regardless of how good the weather conditions are, asp fishing rods need to be chosen wisely. In the absence of experience in the selection of such gear, it is recommended to consult with a consultant in the store.

Catching Tactics

How to wire correctly? The most important moment of catching is how the spinning for the asp will play during the posting. The spinner should repeat the movements of a real fish as accurately as possible, so it must be carried out evenly, at a fairly high speed. In the absence of such skills, the wiring can be replaced with intermittent.

Given the peculiarities of the behavior of the sheresper, it is better to conduct the wiring as follows:

  1. If the fisherman noticed the approach of a predator, you need to drag the bait faster. Such actions will attract fish even more.
  2. If fishing is carried out in the morning, it is better to carry out the lure closer to the surface, and in the afternoon you can lower it 1-1.5 m deeper.
  3. Before buying a bait for catching asp, you need to see how it will play. Tackle should be interesting, spin in all directions and attract attention as much as possible. If it was not possible to find a suitable bait, it is better not to risk it and replace it with live bait.

Asp fishing is a very interesting and exciting activity that requires attention and patience from the fisherman. But if the angler manages to find a suitable place to fish and collect a good rod, the chances of winning will be quite high.


The optimal time for biting when using an asp spinning fishing rod is in the early morning or evening, when the fish are most active. The optimal place to fish is in a body of water that is deep and has a lot of vegetation, as the fish will be hiding in these areas.