Tackle for grayling | Nuances and Methods of Fishing


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In this article, we will discuss the specific Tackle for grayling that is needed for grayling fishing and provide tips and techniques for increasing your chances of success when targeting these elusive fish.

Grayling is a popular and challenging species to target for many anglers. These freshwater fish are found in streams, rivers, and lakes in Europe and parts of Asia, and they can be difficult to catch due to their elusive nature and preference for small flies and lures.

To effectively target grayling, it is important to understand the nuances and methods of grayling fishing, as well as the proper tackle to use.

With the right knowledge and equipment, you can enjoy a more productive and enjoyable grayling fishing experience.

Tackle for grayling

Grayling is a type of freshwater fish that is found in streams, rivers, and lakes in Europe and parts of Asia.

To target grayling, you will need to use specific tackle that is suited to the size and habits of these fish.

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Here are a few recommendations for a tackle for grayling:

Rod for Grayling

A rod with a light to medium action, such as a 6-8 weight rod, will work well for grayling. Look for a rod that is long enough to cast small flies and lures accurately, but not so long that it is cumbersome to use.

Reel For Grayling

A lightweight reel with a good drag system and a smooth retrieve will be suitable for grayling.

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To effectively target graying, it is important to choose the right reel. A lightweight reel with a good drag system and smooth retrieve will be suitable for handling the size and habits of these fish. When selecting a reel for grayling, consider the weight, drag system, retrieve, and price to find a model that meets your specific needs and budget

Line For Grayling

A floating line with a thin diameter, such as a 4-6 weight line, will work well for grayling. You may also want to consider using a leader or tippet with a breaking strength of 4-6 pounds to help protect against break-offs.

Flies and lures For Grayling

Small flies and lures, such as nymphs, dry flies, and streamers, can be effective for grayling. Choose patterns and colors that mimic the natural prey of graylings in your area.

Terminal tackle For Grayling

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Fine wire hooks, such as size 16-20, and small split shot or putty will be suitable for grayling.

Varieties and hunting seasons

In total, there are three varieties of this individual, they are classified according to the latitudes in which they live, and depending on this, the equipment and the catching of grayling itself will differ.


  • European. It is slightly larger than other types.
  • Siberian. It has a large number of fatty layers.
  • Mongolian.

On the business card of a fish, a large dorsal fin, there may be several stripes or patterns of different thicknesses. To know how to make a rig for this fish with your own hands, you should take into account its average weight, which usually does not exceed 1 kg and the season in which fishing takes place. Often it is summer, but why is it so? At the end of summer and the beginning of spring, grayling begins to peck at almost everything on the Yenisei, because fish need to gain more fat as soon as possible to survive in the cold season. But the specifics of fishing in these two seasons are radically different.

In summer, it is best to use live bait for catching on the Yenisei, which will be especially effective at the end of August, when grassy food in water bodies will decrease.

The fly is less catchy on the Yenisei, but if your task is to catch fry for use later as bait on large predators, then it is ideal. But if you have decided on the bait, then how and with what equipment is it better to catch grayling on the Yenisei?

Fishing methods

In total, there are several popular methods of catching, the Tyrolean wand is used in many of them, however, if the Tyrolean wand is not sold in stores nearby, it can always be replaced with something.

Most often caught with:

Baldy. This technique is well suited for bottom fishing when grayling lives in deep waters, and a Tyrolean stick is useful here to keep the bait at the right depth and in the proper form. You should also take care of a strong float, its Archimedean strength should be enough to withstand the mass of a weighty bait, and one should not forget that when calculating the sinker, they should also include a Tyrolean stick.

The float itself must have a suitable shape and weight to resist the currents of mountain rivers. The Tyrolean wand must also be held by the additional weight. However, in addition to being combined with a bulldozer, this tackle for catching grayling is often used separately from it.

Capturing with a Tyrolean wand. This Italian tackle will greatly facilitate fishing in the warm season and your relationship with grayling. It is an additional weight that allows you to adjust the depth of the bait more precisely than the sinker and does not allow it to float to the surface too quickly.

It is more convenient to use such tackle in the warm seasons because this fish loves the cold and sinks to the bottom. But buying this gear can give you a lot of headaches, so you should search for them on the Internet in advance. Then the Tyrolean wand will greatly facilitate fishing in the summer.

With a regular fishing rod and float. Such fishing will be more effective in the spring, but sometimes the method is used in early June. In this case, earthworms, which graylings are very fond of, will be the best choice for fishing. The floats here should be not so much strong as less noticeable because after spawning, the fish floats closer to the surface for a short period, where they can find more food. And in the middle of summer, it already begins to sink deeper.

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A worm or a small wobbler is good for any equipment in the summer, it is best to choose a jigger that will not scare away the catch with sudden movements. You can also make fishing easier with the help of flavors and aromas sold in any specialized fishing store.

Nuances of fishing for grayling

Whatever gear you use, they must be strong, especially for fishing lines, because a kilogram individual can simply fall off the hook, especially if the place of fishing is the Yenisei, where the European grayling is found. Many experienced fishermen prefer handmade rigs when fishing, but there can be many flaws in such gear if you do not have the proper experience with wood or metal.

It is best not to try your luck and give preference to gear made at the factory, unless, of course, your place of residence is not Siberia, where it is not easy to find the same Tyrolean.

With the right gear, you can not worry about fishing and catching one grayling after another.


In conclusion, the proper tackle is essential for successful grayling fishing.

To target grayling, you will need to use a rod with a light to medium action, a lightweight reel with a good drag system and smooth retrieve, appropriate line, flies and lures, and terminal tackle.

By understanding the nuances and methods of grayling fishing, and choosing the right tackle for the job, you can increase your chances of success and enjoy a more productive and enjoyable fishing experience.