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Fishing for perch is a popular angling activity among many fishermen. Perch are a popular target because they are relatively easy to catch, and they can be found in many different types of water bodies. In this article, we will discuss where to find perch, what type of gear and bait to use, and what the best techniques are for catching these fish.

The best place to find perch is in deep water near vegetation. The best bait and gear for perch fishing is a small jig and minnow. The best perch fishing technique is to use a slow, steady retrieve.

Fishing Technique

In the summer, fishing for perch on a spinning rod is an exciting activity. The predator is activated and fishing becomes interesting. With a competent approach, it will always be possible to return with a catch.

You need to choose a spinning rod for pike or perch, decide on baits, and master the casting technique. It is important to assemble equipment that is suitable in terms of parameters.

Perch is a sought-after predator

To find out the secret of how to catch a perch, you first need to study the features of living in reservoirs and food. The predator attracts anglers all year round. To have a bite, it is important to find the best sites. Usually fishing for pike and perch is different. Much depends on the weather and the size of the fish.

Perch are found almost everywhere:

  • Deep and flat rivers, where there is a calm current;
  • Reservoirs and lakes;
  • Small closed reservoirs.

Perch is a unique fish that is resistant to a lack of oxygen, which is taken into account when choosing a place to cast. The fish has stripes, which is why it is often called a sailor.

Fishing in the summer: The main secrets of catching a predator

On the question of how to catch perch, you can quickly find the answer. In the summer season, this fish is the most accessible predator. When spawning takes place, they "split" into small flocks. They occupy areas with normal food, where you can hide from predators. It is easy to take a perch for spinning from the shore or go fishing from a boat. A predator can be caught without a float or with it. There is always an opportunity to experiment.

[caption id="attachment_3439" align="aligncenter" width="828"]Perch fishing summer Perch fishing summer[/caption]

If winter hunting is planned, then appropriate gear must be selected for fishing. The selected float equipment should be the following: braided fishing line with silicone lubricant. Only in this way, the cord will not freeze. Hunting for perch, as well as for pike, occurs with the selection of a place, and bait. All methods are selected depending on where you plan to go fishing. For example, a jig is used in winter.

Perch is a ubiquitous robber who is very active in summer.

During this period, their diet is:

  • Small fish, that is, roach, bleak, perch;
  • Larvae of near-aquatic insects;
  • Leeches;
  • Bottom invertebrates.

The predator is most active in the morning and evening. As soon as the sun rises, the fish begin to eat. This goes on for several hours. During the day, the perch "rests". A couple of hours before sunset, the predator begins to feed again. This rogue can be active during the day if the weather is cool and overcast.

It will be good to fish before and after a thunderstorm. During this period, the predator actively attacks. The right bait is important here, which will interest the trophy.

A perch bites well if:

  • Atmospheric pressure is low, only sharp jumps cause a lack of bite;
  • Cloudy weather and light rain;
  • South, west wind. If the wind is north, you should stop fishing;
  • Water temperature + 10- + 20 degrees;
  • Light time.

Given the diet and weather, you get a good catch. If the wind strength changes periodically, there will be no bite.

Where can you find perch in the summer?

The fish mostly live in small flocks. Representatives of medium size create groups that later occupy anomalous places. They often run into small things. Large representatives are distinguished by a hidden life: several representatives gather and occupy the depth.

[caption id="attachment_3440" align="aligncenter" width="561"]Perch fishing summer Perch fishing summer[/caption]

It should be borne in mind that in a reservoir it is difficult to find a striped one.

Bays, closed branches, backwaters;

  • Sleeves, ducts;
  • Coastal areas place overgrown with vegetation;
  • Sharp coastal edges;
  • Rifts with different bottoms;
  • Coastal ditches;
  • Braids.

In summer, it is better to look for a predator where it is deep, there are holes or near coastal thickets.

Here you can safely engage in catching striped? Near the shore, there is a small fish called "sailor". Perch are found in sufficient numbers near the thickets. In August, the robber begins to move away from the coast.

If you want to catch a large predator, you should always fish at a depth or in places with snags.

We collect the right float gear

The perch is not particularly large. When fishing for perch takes place in the summer, it is necessary to select light tackle off the light or ultralight class. It will be an ideal and affordable choice. With good gear, a robber is always caught. The main thing is the right combination of all components.

[caption id="attachment_1687" align="aligncenter" width="200"]We collect the right float gear We collect the right float gear[/caption]

Do not forget about the float, which will signal a bite. Quality equipment is available to all fishermen.

If you are thinking about how to assemble a spinning rod for a perch, here is a list:

  1. The 2 m rods are suitable for fishing from the shore. For long casts, spinning is needed at 2.5 m. An ultralight rod with an upper test of 7-9 g is suitable. The trophy is caught on a jig in the presence of a large current, a test of 30-40 g is suitable.
  2. The reel needs to be inertialess 1000-2500, suitable for casting light lures with thin lines. This reel is easy to use even for a beginner.
  3. Test - corresponds to the weight of the bait. Usually, a spin with an indicator of 10-15 g is used. There are times when a test of 20-25 g is needed.
  4. The fishing line is selected taking into account the characteristics of the fish. Throughout the hunt, she is energetic. During the period when the fish is not particularly active, monofilament is used as a fishing line. It is almost invisible in the water. The braided line is designed for active fish, as it will allow you to feel the selected bait. Such a braid is used if perch are caught on spinning in the summer in thickets or during twitching.
  5. If a pike can be caught, then it is better to use a metal leash. Its length should be 10-25 cm. For a cautious or too passive perch, choose a leash made of monofilament or fluorocarbon up to 40 cm. They are almost invisible to fish.

With this equipment, fishing will be successful. It is imperative to know which fishing line to choose for spinning equipment. It is selected depending on the water, and the activity of the stripe.

For example, a braided line is always effective with wobblers. In overgrown areas, it is indispensable. The diameter of the fishing line can be 0.2 mm. It is ideal for snaps, as it is rigid and durable. Such a fishing line can withstand a large trophy.

The question of what and how to equip spinning is relevant for summer fishing. There are many gears, but we always choose the best.

It is good to have more than one perch spinning rod to use in different situations.

What are the best baits to use?

[caption id="attachment_1688" align="aligncenter" width="200"]What are the best baits to use? What are the best baits to use?[/caption]

You should know how to choose bait for perch fishing, which will allow you to get a normal bite:

  • A spinner is one of the best baits for catching perch on a spinning rod in the summer when the robber is passive. So it is better to use such bait under No. 00 or No. 3. A predator will not leave such a spinner.
  • A wobbler is another popular product that will help you get a normal bite on a perch all season long. Suitable for all conditions.
  • Jig - twisters, foam rubber fish. These will be the best lures for perch spinning in the summer. The trophy is caught with heavy bait such as jig heads or a twister.
  • Popper is a pretty catchy bait for perch at the end of summer.
  • Spinner bait - bait for thickets in snag areas. The Predator responds well to it.
  • Fly-fish are well caught with it, even though the perch bites weakly on small bait.
  • Spoons are the choice for large perch, medium-sized products are suitable.

It is better to catch a small perch on a small bait with a light load or no load at all. Perch is well caught on a fly for spinning with a bombard or a load. Such equipment should not be abandoned.

Best Perch Fishing Techniques

[caption id="attachment_1689" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Best Perch Fishing Techniques Best Perch Fishing Techniques[/caption]

Not many fishermen know how to properly catch perch on a spinning rod.

There are several ways to do good wiring:

  • Jerk or twitching;
  • Stepped;
  • Uniform.

Stepped wiring is considered the best when jigging. When the bait is thrown by the angler, it should sink to the bottom. Then a few turns are made with the coil handle. Next, a pause is needed for the bait to fall. So you can play with a perch and the results you catch will impress you.

The even haul is ideal for using a lure, spinner bait, or silicone bait. It is enough for the angler to reel in the line and rotate the reel at a uniform pace.

Jerk wiring is suitable during the use of wobblers. In this way, you can catch a large predator. You will need to make sharp movements with the rod. The lure will jump underwater. After that, they pause and exhaust the slack. So you will catch good sailors. Such methods of fishing will attract the attention of a striped robber. It will not be difficult to master the proposed wiring.

Features of perch fishing in spring and throughout the summer

You can hunt a striped predator while in open water. Spring is a good time to catch this fish. That's when the perch begins to feed after the winter cold.

[caption id="attachment_3441" align="aligncenter" width="612"]Features of perch fishing in spring and throughout the summer Features of perch fishing in spring and throughout the summer[/caption]

For perch fishing in the spring to be productive with spinning, you need to correctly plan a trip to the reservoir. At the beginning of spring, perch should be looked for in the pits, where it can catch small fish and feed well. Swims ashore in April, when the water is already a little warm. Perch fishing in May for spinning is quite productive. This is due to the peculiarity of his diet - he switches to summer mode. In addition, the heat is already beginning and activity is increasing.

During the summer, perch fishing tactics can change.

In late May and early June, the predator occupies the following places:

  • Coastal thickets;
  • Shallow waters that warm up well;
  • Holes that are far from the shore.

In these areas, it is quite easy to catch perch in June. The worst time for a spinner is July, and it lasts until August. At such times, perch fishing is not always accompanied by a good bite. Not many predators respond to the offered bait. But the perch continues to peck and delight anglers. You can also take a trophy for spinning in July. Of course, a big bite is not guaranteed. Usually, perch fishing in the summer is an interesting activity. Only in the heat, it is not always possible to catch large fish.

August is considered a favorable time for fishing. During this period, perches become more active and begin to gather in flocks. They are too interested in small fish, and they attack. On a small bait, you can catch a good trophy. Gradually, perches begin to move from the coastal zone to the depths. This happens due to the cold weather. When fishing, you need to take this nuance into account.

Depending on the month, tactics for catching a predator are selected.

Spinning rating: the best perch solutions

Experienced fishermen highlight the following spins that are worthy of attention:

  1. Extreme Fishing Panache Obsession 742 M is an excellent spinning rod for perch. Length 2.23 m, test 4-18 g. Suitable for different baits, you can successfully catch perch in the summer, for example, in July, when the bite is reduced. Only small lures and spinners should be discarded.
  2. Maximus Fish Poison 23L - test 2-11 g, length 2.28 m. Stepped wiring is used on the spinning rod. Offer perch light jigs.
  3. Nautilus Magnet 802ML - is considered the best spin. The length is 2.44 m, and the test is 5-21 g. There is fishing for the spinning of this model using wobblers. You can catch a large or medium predator. There are spinning rods with a smaller test. With them, you can catch small sailors.
  4. Norsteam Micromania 792L - test 1.5-10 g, length 2.36 m. With it, we catch perch in the summer for jig spinning and use spinners, and even wobblers.
  5. Maximus Dreamer-X 902M is the most powerful spinning rod with a 7-35g test. These are the best solutions for fishing in different situations: fishing from a boat or shore.

It is worth choosing a spin taking into account what kind of bait you plan to use.

Decent lures for catching perch on spinning

Fishermen often have a question about what to catch perch in July and throughout the summer. We offer such lures for perch spinning rods that are in demand. Not one fisherman caught a trophy on them. With the right approach, you can assemble excellent equipment for catching a predator. Among the fish caught, there may even be pikes.

The role of spinning baits are:

  • Wobblers;
  • Spinners;
  • Jig.

These nozzles are available in a wide variety. For spinning fishing, you can take other bait. Learn how to spin perch, and choose bait for a robber.

Mepps spinners are considered classics:

  • Lenox;
  • Aglia;
  • Comet Black Fury;
  • Aglia Long;
  • Comet Decoree.

They caught more than one trophy. On such a bait, it is allowed to catch the whole of June, it is suitable for July and until the end of the whole season.

If the spinning option for catching fish is chosen, the optimal bait is selected. Closer to June, fishermen begin to use 50-70 mm wobblers for the whole season.

Suitable for any spinning:

  • Salmo Hornet;
  • Yo-Zuri Hardcore;
  • Masu Masters Shad;
  • A-elita Crank Minnow.

For equipment in autumn and winter, it is better to choose a jig. In summer it is used in stagnant water and great depth. Vibrotails and twisters of 2.5-3.5 inches are considered classics - they are in good standing with fishermen. Lucky John products are in demand.

Perch "like" baits with flavors, which are often called "edible rubber."


The answer to where you can find perch is in the water. More specifically, they are in areas with a good deal of vegetation, as they love to hide in the shadows and ambush their prey. The best way to fish for perch is to use live bait, as they are attracted to movement. The best techniques for perch fishing are to use a small hook and to fish near the bottom of the water column.